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Marking five years in our cozy little house this month, I've taken a moment to appreciate what has been done and note what awaits completion: the fig tree we planted from a four inch square pot is bigger around than my arm and eight feet tall, the highbush blueberry grove is mature, and the landscape of potted succulents along the front patio has just gone through its first major pruning and re-potting after turning into a jungle. The whole house has been re-wired, re-ducted, re-piped, and re-painted, and new windows and doors are about a third done. The attic is insulated, the garage is sheetrocked, and the bathroom tile has been updated. The fireplace is reconditioned, the irrigation systems are too, and there are new and improved rain downspout drains and french drains. All that remains is to get the back yard sheds fixed up and the back yard ready for fort-building, hole-digging, vegetable-flattening, ball-throwing, and other activities that the youngster will soon undertake. Then there is the 250 square foot addition we have been planning: in theory, it should go easier than all the renovations, being entirely new construction.

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