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A decade and a half long record of life as I know it.

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January 2016: dear readers, my webpage is not kept up to date any more. I post new material at https://mjgradziel.exposure.co and I am slowly moving my favorite pages over there, and should eventually point this whole page there instead. This is for two reasons: one, I can't keep up with writing my pages to work with all the latest devices and search algorithms, and two, things are very different for me since I built this page in the early 2000's. My two little boys get almost all my time now. Building an addition on our house takes some time too, and the rest is for my usual cooking, cleaning, keeping up the place, and getting out to do things once in a while. There's not nearly so much I want to post and show off to the world these days.

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Mexico to Canada on the PCT, Dad's account from the trail in 1978.
New York to New Orleans by bicycle and riverboat, 1944. Grandma's story.

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Most photos are mine or Joy's (credits to others are in image captions); please credit us where appropriate.