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On Sunday morning we packed up the critter and a blanket and drove up to Baker Beach in San Francisco with Doug to enjoy the non-foggy scene and let the critter play in the sand. This beach is facing the Golden Gate straits, west of the bridge, and if you photograph the bridge with a narrow field of view it looks like you are right there beside it though in reality it is quite a long way off. I realized this is something we never used to do before baby Norman (go sit on the beach, vs go for a hike at the beach) but now it is about all we can manage. It was a four day weekend for me, with day 1 devoted to looking after Norman while Joy was at work, day 2 spent digging in the rock-hard clay of the front yard to extend a drain pipe and install new wood edging at the property line, day 3 at the beach, and day 4 on various projects including some baking and a new laundry-to-lawn setup that diverts wash water from the garage out to the driest parts of the front lawn. We have already cut our water use by about 40% compared to last year by not planting many vegetables, letting the lawn get more brown, and tearing out the turf on part of the lawn, but once I discovered that a 2010 law makes laundry water re-use a no-permit-required option I decided it would be nice to try out. Maybe it will get us our green lawn back without guilt in this drought; after all, with all Norman's bath towels and clothes changes after every meal time, we do quite a bit of laundry and we already use the right kind of detergent for dumping on the lawn. In total, the water we use every summer month would fill up a ten foot cube!

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