Fall 2011.   ~mike gradziel.
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Hiking in Big Basin: the lower third of Skyline-to-the-Sea:

Boulder, Colorado, and some other photos:

Back when the boundaries of the known world stretched only from Quebec to Virginia, my family would gather for a week in the summer at my grandparents' house on Long Island. Later, the event moved to western New York, and this year for the second time everyone traveled to an inn in the Catskill mountains for a three-day weekend. Through all those years all the kids have grown up and started driving cars, and the boundaries of the known world now stretch all the way from India to East Africa, the long way around, leaving only a narrow strip of the Arabian Sea and parts north of there yet unconfirmed to exist. Last year Joy and I couldn't go, because we were in Taiwan at the other family reunion, but we made up for our absence by participating this year in all the available activities at the Winter Clove Inn: sitting in rocking chairs on the big white-painted wood porch looking out over the grounds and talking, playing badminton and shuffleboard and board games, taking a quick swim and waterfall-shower in the chilly swimming hole, waging a water war in the swimming pool, playing on the swing set, hiking trails through the hills, toasting marshmallows by a campfire, and otherwise having a good time.
the San Francisco Symphony playing at Stern Grove the San Francisco Symphony playing at Stern Grove lobster mac and cheese, conservatory lounge
lunch in half moon bay lunch in half moon bay the Ritz, Half Moon Bay
Half Moon Bay beach and green plants
Catskill stone walls Joy by the brook moss
tall stone wall mike, stone wall; by joy hiking in the woods
little flower; by joy leaves; by joy swimming hole
our room on the porch on the porch
Winter Clove Inn playing bananagrams hiking
orange newt orange newt orange newt
giant fly Joy walking hiking
balance goldenrod orange mushrooms
forest scene lunch at the inn live music
mmm tasty lunch playing shuffleboard mike swimming;  by joy
joy in the waterfall swimming hole toasting marshmallows
sitting on the porch

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