the Big Red Machine. my 1977 Honda Civic... ~Mike Gradziel.

the '77 Honda  the '77 Honda

Here it is, the hottest little machine around. Runs great, goes 33 miles on a gallon of gas, looks sharp as ever, and has all those simple features you just don't see on newer vehicles. No complex automatic door locks, power windows, AC, or cruise control. Manual transmission and an engine so simple I can actually see the spark plugs. Tilt-open rear windows, a spacious trunk, and a back seat with plenty of room for a couple of packs and some climbing gear. The seats fold all the way back for a comfortable bed for two, and the leg room is generous. It's not for the interstate, but very much at home in town Friday night!

out cruising back roads   the TootsieToy Honda   home in the snow

It is complete with an authentic TootsieToy Honda Civic of the same era, cast in solid tin, outfitted with black plastic wheels, and painted with the original red Honda paint. Not bad, eh?

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