San Francisco Summer 2010.   ~mike gradziel.
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Emigrant wilderness, July 4th weekend 2010.
Far off hwy 120 on the north border of Yosemite, in the Emigrant Wilderness, one can find high sierra lakes and trails very similar to the Chain Lakes on the opposite side of the park where we went last summer. It's a long trek in - ten miles to the high lakes - but there the water was pleasant for swimming, the breeze kept mosquitoes mostly away, and there were hardly any people even on the holiday weekend. We climbed a nearby peak and then, feeling ambitious, struck out off-trail from Boundary Lake to Many Islands and on to Kibbie Lake. This turned out to be a six-mile bushwhack through dense western sierra brush while descending a thousand feet of steep boulder-choked gullies. The high ground would probably have been easier. At one point we even ducked underground through a boulder fall!
Sean's jeep hiking in Beckett on boulders
charred trees wildflowers bizarre snow plant
cherry creek overlook pink flowers last trip for these boots - before
leafy whorl Sean caught a young snake overlooking Lord's Meadow
climbing to Boundary Lake fluffy clouds Beckett climbs toward camp
Doug on layered rock evening sunlight at camp
at camp dinner time en route to Bartlett Peak
Boundary Lake descending descending
cascades lunch stop granite basin below Many Islands
granite basin below Many Islands
Lake the route down Kibbie Creek camp at Kibbie Lake
fern-filled forest traversing Kibbie Lake south shore Beckett battles brush
slow going through brush Sean along Kibbie Lake climbing over a log
fallen tree hiking out Kibbie Ridge

Pinnacles National Monument is an unusual heap of rocky crags and canyons in the hills south of San Francisco Bay. There are caves with bats, grassy meadows, creeks, and a crystal-clear dark night sky full of stars. We went there with friends Saturday through Monday. It is hot this time of year, during the day, and the grass has turned brown. I prefer the green season, before the flies and mosquitoes are out.
afternoon in Pinnacles. by Joy purple flower. by Joy afternoon in Pinnacles. by Joy
pink flowers Joy along the trail the Pinnacles
Josh lifts a boulder Mike in the cave. by Joy slot canyon
Mike in the canyon. by Joy Mike in the canyon. by Joy Mike in the canyon. by Joy
Joy walks the canyon going up over the balconies balconies trail, pinnacles national
balconies trail, pinnacles national
monument balconies trail, pinnacles national
monument going back to camp

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