Fall 2012.    ~mike gradziel.
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Goings-on since the end of August: the fate of a 13-pound albacore caught off Half Moon Bay (ceviche, tuna salad, and steaks! bonus squid inside!); blackberry ice cream three ways picked in the Presidio, San Francisco; garden harvests, the Alameda Point flea market, first fire on the newly restored hearth in our living room, and a trip back to Massachusetts at the end of October.
willow tree reflection in the pond looking for salamanders caught one!
that's my town mike and lisa joy climbing
joy among orange trees orange trees bird's nest
walking on the pipeline cut counting sorm felled white pine rings - only 120 years! lying in the leaves
joy by the pond moss and lichen birch trees
blueberry bushes turned red the homestead other side of the country - our first fire at the new house
our first fire at the new house our first fire at the new house autumn rose
eggplant harvest eggplant harvest fresh figs brown turkey
looking across the bay from Alameda Point saint george distillery alameda point flea market
alameda point flea market pizza trom the wood oven truck politano alameda point flea market
alameda point flea marke joy's handmade plant pots brussels sprouts, caramelized onion, pancetta, and parmesan flatbread
jujube walnut tart carrot harvest true cranberry beans
fresh tomatoes three kinds of blackberry ice cream, from berries picked in San Francisco the tuna fish has become a sandwich
making tuna salad shredding the tuna steaming chunks of albacore
chunks of albacore tuna squid becomes calamari bonus squid inside the tuna (just 10 hours since it was caught!)
albacore ceviche with red onion, lime juice, and slivered jalapeno albacore from the Fjord Queen, Half Moon Bay fresh albacore Saturday morning, caught previous night; ready for cleaning

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