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southern California summer.
    Gamble House back patio     july 4th fireworks     july 4th fireworks     july 4th fireworks     july 4th fireworks     july 4th fireworks

Wiggles Jr. met friends Butter and Garlic on the kitchen countertop before going into the pot for a short swim. Don't be weak now! I bet at this very moment you are wearing pieces of a dozen dead animals. Only life can feed life.

    mmm, butter, garlic, and lemon     lobsters don't belong on countertops     reading lessons     gone to the big ocean in the sky     what once was a lobster is no more

Photos from Laguna Beach and the marine animal center:

    harbor seal pup     young harbor seals     laguna beach     laguna beach     mike building a sand castle     sean with football     sunset over the castle     huntington beach sunset

Evening at Huntington Beach and kayaking at Newport Beach:

    Huntington sunset     ian, James, Nghia, Ben, Mike, Corey     launching the kayaks     launching the kayaks     diana and mike     david and jonathan     launching     resting     still yachts     diana     paddling in the reserve     paddling in the reserve     kayaking     jeff and joanna     joanna and diana     so many sailboats
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