Fall 2015.    ~mike gradziel.
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June through December, 2015, we mostly stayed home and took photos of Norman. We went to north Lake Tahoe for a weekend in the middle of June and after that, the farthest we got was the East Bay. So what did we do for six months? I did a bunch of yard work, replaced a couple windows, and did some plumbing improvements under the house. We cleaned the garage and I painted the floor and put in a new washer and dryer. Norman went from an unsteady walker to a semi-steady runner, and Joy grew baby bump into baby Marlon.
norman and mommy, north lake tahoe geese seen from above kings beach, lake tahoe
walking on the dock airbnb condo where we stayed testing the waters
Norman at Lake Tahoe learning to dance evening fliers
kings beach, lake tahoe kings beach, lake tahoe Norman in his cheetah shirt
shortcake for eight mommyshoes tire swing
watering plants morning waffles pool play
replacing the battery waffles again! playing ball
playing ball corn on the cob helping tape the windows for painting
helping tape the windows for painting water play learning to float
furry boots helping daddy water play
water play whipped cream I want this piece
Norman is TWO! toy snake its my birthday
family portrait kid in a box little helper
hay tunnel! I love bagels I also love holiday lights
holiday lights - see Norman in the window? helping type pancake breakfast
buche de noel, birch log cake buche de noel, birch log cake marlon helps write holiday cards
two brothers norman loves milk bubbles norman loves milk bubbles
at the beach in half moon bay at the beach in half moon bay at the beach in half moon bay
waiting for wet feet waves washing in mommy and marlon watch from higher ground

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