Fall 2014.    ~mike gradziel.
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Apparently we did not do much in November and December except photograph Norman doing various silly things in our house, in the front yard, and on our holiday outing to see Tom and Pat in Davis and Sean and Jenn in Grass Valley.
Norman checks the holiday lights muddy mud! muddy mud!
mmm spaghetti mmm water who, me?
making sure Mommy has enough to drink too cabinet explorer keeping watch on the fan
Henry's dog bed is so cozy wagon riding in Grass Valley on, off, on, off
the new evening routine helping mommy pot plants I love dirt

August, September, and October are gone, winter rains are sprouting the grass, and Norman has turned one year old! Here are photos from recent outings to San Francisco, to Coyote Point for airplane watching, to Half Moon Bay for pumpkin buying, and a trip I made to Massachusetts in September, a Sunday in Sausalito, and a day at Baker Beach.
Alamo Park, San Francisco walking at Coyote Point, San Mateo Coyote Point, San Mateo
Coyote Point, San Mateo a jet landing at SFO Norman with pumpkins
tractor play at the pumpkin farm squash for sale squash for sale
squash for sale riding on grandpa's shoulders wheelbarrow full of pumpkins
licking things I'm not supposed to happy baby that's not a pumpkin in my wheelbarrow!
autumn flowers, Massachusetts the view from the pasture birch bark
walking in the woods the lake out for a paddle
the back yard forest lunch in Sausalito by the bay
by the bay in Sausalito lunch by the bay in Sausalito Point Bonita Light
view from the Point Bonita Light footbridge to the Point Bonita Light looking towards the golden gate
Norman's first corn! the guys at the beach mommy mommy water!
crawling through my box salad spinner is the best toy lizard full of eggs
Norman investigates the forest:
Norman tastes leaf Norman investigates fern Norman investigates stick
Tomato sauce, 23 August:
parsley spaghetti sauce fixings for sauce

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