Baby Marlon!   ~mike gradziel.
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December 2015: It was a dark and stormy morning, and high in a corner of the big glass building where babies come from, little Marlon Taijin was having an out-of-body experience. The voice he knew so well was now coming from over there, across the room, and he felt detached. How strange it was to breathe cool air and flail one's arms and legs without bounds. Now when he opened his eyes, the most dazzling scenes appeared before him, bouncing and whirling. Above all, the silence was just strange.
mills peninsula hospital joy before birth three minutes old
little Marlon going home what a huge crib this is
fleece and flannel mommy! a rare period of awake calm
Big Brother was once seven pounds, too, which is astonishing. Here they are side by side on day two:
guess who is who on day two guess who is who on day two
What a difference two years makes!
there's something in my crib is it soft? what a difference two years makes!
Awww.... nine days old!
marlon with daddy fuzzy blanket
February 2016: fifty days old! It seems like such a big number, but looking back through our photos I see that much time has passed and there has been lots of growing.
baby Marlon 18 days old with grandpa grandpa and grandma
rolling practice my feet don't reach other end of the furry blue stripe suit
big brother likes to hold Marlon bath time! all clean

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