Baby Norman! the First Year.   ~mike gradziel.
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October 2014: In his first year, baby Norman grew from 7 pounds to 19 pounds and 19 inches long to 31 inches. He transformed from a helpless bundle to a giggling quadruped zipping around the house in pursuit of knobs, wheels, mobile phones, keyboards, faucets, doors, and other means of control. He is well on his way to walking but being a cautious creature, he is not ready yet to stop pushing furniture around and venture off on two feet alone. He loves looking at lights of all types, and more recently, operating switches to turn them on and off. At this point every object is known as "Da!". Baby Norman isn't a baby any more, so the photos on this page stop at one year while little Norman continues to make appearances on my other photo pages.
shrinking fish
eating my banana birthday cake swiped some puff shacks off the frosting I am one year old
center of attention got my chinese red eggs too puffs go on moments before candle lighting so they stay crisp
cream cheese frosting on the banana cake yummy yogurt pursuing the camera
what's all the fuss about? wearing my fox overalls mmm plum
Norman loves wheels of all types bath time walking with help
playing by the tub I can stand up by myself! yummy cherries
playing with my toys learning to chew food baby snuggly
my toys my toys daddy I want the camera
the grass is as tall as I am! swim class standing by myself in the laundry hamper
food! what fun snuggly snuggly lil munchkin
sitting up at the table, 5.5 months playing piano with ahma looking at cherry blossoms with ahgong
fuzzy hair after my bath my favorite toy surprise!
Norman with his ball, 3 months oops I spit up! smiling Norman 2.5 months old
protocrawl family portrait (by Adrian) the gradziels (by Adrian)
Norman and Mommy 7 weeks Norman's first Thanksgiving 3 wks old with Grandma and Grandpa (by Adrian)
Norman dressed to go outt Norman with Daddy 3 weeks big shoes to fill

Meet Norman! Born Thursday, 17 October, he is 7 lb, 19 inches, and nocturnal. Norman and his mother are in excellent health. She is learning how to feed him, he is discovering the sensations of eating, and his father is becoming an expert at dealing with the aftermath of this activity.

baby Norman 2 days old baby has tiny hands baby has large fish friend

Baby Norman arrived two days past his due date two hours after we went to the birth center. Joy was up from midnight timing the contractions, and we went in at 9:30 am. The first night neither of us slept much since at every whimper we were at his side to check on him, but we started to get more comfortable on the second night. The doctor sent us home Saturday afternoon. The first week at home went by in a blur, but then things settled into a routine: feed, diaper, calm, sleep; repeat.

baby grows bigger

22 September: 37 weeks in a couple days! That is full term, and baby can come out if he is ready. He is taking practice breaths, and he has hair on his head! (ultrasounds actually show that much detail). His room is all ready, diapers and wipes and towels and swaddles are piled high, and we have an entire drawer full of thumb-sized socks.

By 19 weeks toward the end of May the doctor stopped talking about length and started estimating weight based on various size measurements. Baby's weight was eleven ounces. Here we found out that we have a boy!

19 weeks 20 may

joy at 19 weeks

At 13 weeks, at the beginning of April, he had almost doubled in size to 6.37 cm

13 weeks 08 april

At 10 weeks, in mid March, which is actually only 8 weeks if you count from baby's first cell division, he was 3.5 centimeters long. Just back from a trip around Iceland, he is already a world traveler!

10 weeks 18 march

Baby started growing sometime towards the end of January 2013. One thing that surprised me as a first time dad is just how long the wait of nine months is! The first three are exciting, with ultrasounds and tests and the big announcement to friends and family, and then the next six pass very slowly.

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